Why this blog?

Honestly, I can only say this blog is a way to give back. I feel such a strong urge to go forward and share, even if I seem silly or sad, I feel hunger to reach out in an imperfect way and share.

I remember the moment when I was in a men’s group and someone asked for a show of hands of men who do something in particular. All the men’s hands went up. I felt enormously better, because I finally knew I was not alone.

Maybe this blog will help other people see they are not alone – we’re all in this, we’re all human, we’re all struggling, we’ve all got a wonderful destiny.

Yes this is a fallen world and we have all suffered from the effects of being separated from God. We were originally designed to be with Him and being apart from Him is like missing a source of vitamin B in our diet – it’s bad for us.

So… we’re apart from Him. But that’s not where the story ends… that’s where it begins! He said that one day He will wipe away the tears in our eyes. He will bring healing and wholeness. That’s wonderful. Really. Yay.

But what do we do until then? That’s part of the reason for this blog. I’m a realist. I deal with the here and now. I’m so pleased to tell you that I have found my way, I have found a way to Him in the here and now. Maybe I will be able to share that with you.

One response to “Why this blog?

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