Believe – growing faith

Smith Wigglesworth and everyone who ever walked in power or in influence have all maintained that we need only believe in Jesus.

It’s interesting that when the disciples asked how to do the works of God, Jesus said – believe in the One whom He (God) sent.  That One is Jesus.

Jesus effectively was saying: to be all you can be, to do God’s works here on earth, to do miracles, we have to believe in Him (Jesus). He didn’t say to believe His words, He said to believe in Him: Jesus the God.  Jesus the man. Jesus the fulfillment of the covenant. Jesus the sacrificial Lamb of God. Jesus the Bread and Water of life. Jesus my healer, my provider.

How does faith grow?  Faith is the depth of our sureness about Him, the person.  The quality of our faith in Jesus is the key.

I remember hearing people passionately say I truuuuly had to belieeeeve in Him.  But I ‘d think to myself – I do and I have for 2 decades already.  So that obviously wasn’t the key.  But really my “faith” was just a “knowledge” of Him.  I knew the facts.

We can learn about Him and this grows our faith. We can meet Him, we will get more sureness and faith. We can learn the bible verses off by heart and we will develop still more faith. He can also give us a gift of faith.  Our faith can grow in many ways.

Paul said to go on, in the same way as we began in Him. How did you and I begin? The  revelation of Jesus led to the veil being partially pulled back and we saw that we needed salvation. We also needed revelation to see that we can and should receive the Holy Spirit.

He is the only one who can give revelation.