Revelation changes us

The revelation of Him can come in many ways. Sometimes it’s a grand experience, sometimes a gentle or calming knowing. Either way, the fruit of it is CHANGE. The bible says that the proof of salvation is a changed heart.

I once saw His glory, it changed my sense of awe at Him. Seeing Him face to face, seeing His kindness and strength, that changed my thoughts about Him. When He took me into Himself for what seemed like a few minutes, I seemed to exist only in some kind of quiet, wonderful, indescribable wholeness and peace, that changed me too.

Some of the revelations are intellectual. When I understood that this was a fallen world, I changed. When I understood His goodness, I began to understand my own sinfulness and I changed. When I understood His perfection, which constrasted so dramatically with my own sinfulness, I knew His love and tolerance for us and I changed.

Revelation changes us. There is only One who can give revelation, we cannot manufacture it. It will gradually change us into His likeness. Revelation of Him sets us further and further apart from who we used to be. Revelation of His character and heart for us will give us security and confidence. Revelation of His love for others will give us compassion and sympathy for the lost, instead of judgement and harshness.

His own revelation of Himself to us will cause us to behave, think and walk more like Him, we will be entrusted with more of His authority. The bible says that as we behold Him (learn about Him) we become more like Him.

If we then use that authority as He did when He walked with us (in service, love and protection of others) we will have walked like Him and we will be entrusted with still more revelation and more authority. As we use what we have, we get more – that’s the essence of the story of the talents.

To become more like Him, we must have revelation of Him. he is the only one who can give revelation of Himself. As we receive the revelation from Him, we will believe in Him.

Jesus was giving us a profound statement when He simply said that to do the works of God we must believe in Him (in Jesus). As we grow in our faith, we will be entrusted with more of His authority. God has tremendous authority and power He wants to entrust to us, but He is looking for those who will walk as He did – in love.

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