About me and my writing

There are some things I want to make clear about me and my writing style.

This is all my opinion. It’s not God’s words, it’s my words. It’s not perfect, it’s just the best I can come up with – so far in my life.

I write it as I see it.

I need people in my life actually HELP me. Words don’t help. The bible says don’t walk past someone and say “bless you” and not help them. Christianity is a VERB. It’s a DOING word. I have real problems that need real solutions. So that is why my writing is intended to help you, not merely make you excited or make you feel better.

I try and say “this is the way it really works and this is how to fix it”.

I only write what works for me. I try to avoid writing untried or untested stuff. If I come up with some stuff you can bet your bottom dollar I have seen in work in my life and in several people’s lives around me.

I think that God is filled with love. I think our primary mission in this world is to love others. If we will love others He will give us blessings (which we can bless others with) and He will support us strongly.I matter to God. You matter to God too.