Make your faith complete – revelation

If you've read my previous posts you'll know that I've pretty much given up bluffing myself that I understand what the bible says. It's a source of bother to me that people who don't have the manifest gift of healing will try and teach on healing, or that people who don't walk in prophecy will presume to know how to prophesy.

The meaning behind the words of the bible are NOT immediately apparent. Most of us are struggling with something that SHOULD be working (according to the bible) and it ISN'T working. The bible says you CAN lay hands on the sick and they WILL recover, right? When last have you tried this? Did it work? Why not?

This is almost everyone's experience of Christianity – it should be better than it is. But it isn't better. When we face this problem, we can stop living in fantasty and we can get busy with finding out how things really work. There is only One Person who can tell us how this really works.

At this point some of you will close the browser and empty your cache and repent of reading this. But for the rest of you who have pricked up your ears and you're nodding your head – you really desire the truth, you want solutions to problem, you believe that God is God, He is the God of Gods, He is the Alpha and Omega, He is all powerful… and you want to see that reality in your life. For those of you… keep reading.

The simple fact is: you read my words and you THINK you know what I am saying and you THINK you know what my heart is on this matter. But do you? The truth is that as these words leave my fingers and enter into your brain – you begin to apply your own meaning to these words. So… the meaning I intended and the meaning you receive is different.

There is something called: "Speaker meaning and hearer meaning". They are never the same. We simply cannot understand God and His ways – we can only grasp aspects of it. So when you read the bible, the meaning God intended (speaker meaning) and the meaning you perceive (listener meaning) are different.

The reformation with Martin Luther released tremendous and ongoing change into Christianity and into the world. How did that happen? Martin Luther went to God to get God's true meaning and then Martin came back to us and shared it with us. Lots of people have done this. You can do it too. As time goes by we have discovered worship, prayer, healing, the importance of prayer rooms, soaking, anointing – lots and lots of discoveries came year after year, decade after decade.

If you have read church history you will know that we have been gradually rediscovering what the early church had. We lost it all from about 400 AD through the dark ages to about 1500 AD. We lost everything in that time, but since the reformation we are rediscovering these things one by one.

It's not US who are rediscovering it, it is HE who is showing it to anyone who will walk with Him along this path.

There is still more to discover! That's why Paul said this:

1 Thess 3:10 (NLT) Night and day we pray earnestly for you, asking God to let us see you again to fill up anything that may still be missing in your faith.

Paul was hoping to come to Thessalonica and teach the people more… to supply what is lacking in your faith (NIV version).

1 Thess 3:10 (NIV) Night and day we pray most earnestly that we may see you again and supply what is lacking in your faith.

Pause for a moment and then answer this question: is your faith complete?

If you're walking in power and using your gifts and you know Him and you have the fruit (love, peace etc.) then yay for you – but for the rest of us who are not seeing these immense promises in our lives, I imagine you'd agree with me – I wish Paul could have come to visit me and make my faith complete!

But Paul is long gone, however, we have the Holy Spirit who has been sent to tech the world. He is the only source of revelation. The Holy Spirit can explain to us the real intention that He has behind the statements in the bible. For example when He explained to me the real meaning of the shoes of peace (a part of the armor) it made sense where nothing had made sense before. He can do the same for you – you just need to humble yourself, admit you want more, admit you want Him to reveal Himself. He will.

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