King David and the Israelites

The disciples separated themselves and didn’t follow their primary purpose – as sent ones – which was to bless the unbelieving nations around them.

When the church dissapeared into monastries in AD400-500 and didn’t come out, the light of the world went out. The dark ages followed.

If you have ever wondered why they (the Israelites) never fully came into their glorious destiny, this is the reason: He said would bless them and they were to bless others around them. They didn’t.

The opposite happened. Eventually King David had done so much war against the surrounding nations, that God would not allow David to build His house – because David had too much blood on his hands.

David had been fighting the surrounding nations – when God’s intention had been to bless them and to make them envious so that they would want God as their God.

The Israelites were given many warnings that God would bring a saviour who would reach ALL the nations. That person was (and is) Jesus. We are now His (Jesus) body. He lives and works through us.

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