The uniqueness of the local church

I think it's wonderful that churches have different personality types, because people have different personality types too!

Sometimes I like going to Hillsong (which on the surface appears to be the identical twin separate at birth from Chad's Fellowship Church hehehe) and enjoy the corporate church worship. I enjoy seeing thousands of people like me. It gives me a great identity. And then sometimes I prefer to go to a smaller church Grace Christian Fellowship where I feel like I truly have a family, because it's so small it enables everyone to know everyone – and hopefully to support them and watch and help them grow.

I adore Hillsong and have had so many wonderful experiences there. The teaching of Brian Houston tends to be edifying and up-building – he helps young people build a positive identity… something we really need in this day and age. I go there whenever I am in Sydney.

But (and you knew there was a but coming didn't you?) a mega-church is not the right choice for me at this stage of my life. Perhaps it would be different if I attended their home cells/groups and had more personal fellowship, but I suspect not. Perhaps my fellowshipping needs would be less if I was married with kids, but I'm not… yet.

So I go to a small church that meets me where *I* am. Where I am is not where you might be. I need a different church (little 'c') to you because I am a different person to you. We are all one Church (capital 'C') and we are all one body with Christ as our head. Unity is important. But diversity is equally as important.


One response to “The uniqueness of the local church

  1. Well stated brother! It was a great day in my life when I realized that God has different churches for different people and different purposes! Hillsong is amazing, but as far as I’m concerned, our little church of 150 people is one of the most unique places on earth!
    God bless you, brother!

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