Getting closer to Me, without losing yourself

With great caution I will continue to share what God said to me. I only share this in the hope that it will help you, as it helped me. I waited a few days and received enough encouragement to believe that maybe this was edifying and there is good fruit. Good fruit means that you feel joy, peace or love. If you do not feel that, then be cautious. 🙂

At the in 2004, time I wondered why He helped me know what to capitalize, the punctuation, what to bold and where His emphasis was. As I write this here I am almost entirely sticking to what I was given.

You can read the first part of what God spoke to me Tuesday 20th July 2004 here: God doesn’t live your life, YOU live YOUR life and the second part continues here:

To get closer to Me, simply dedicate more time to reading My bible or to worshiping Me. Eventually you’ll recognize My voice and then you’ll see I have always been talking to you Mark. You had to learn to understand your parents words and hear their voice, you have to do the same with Me. It takes 5 years for a child to learn to have a discussion with their parents and they work on it all day every day and it can take 1 year to 20 years for My children to have a discussion with Me, depending on how much time they spend with Me.

You live in a processing culture, so you need to have goals to be happy in your 24 hours. Other cultures don’t need it as much as yours does, so I have suggested how to make goals – then I can influence those goals over time. For example if your goals tend towards idolatry or vanity, I will find a way to tell you to correct that. If you aim too low, I will lift your eyes up. Trust Me!

Stay in the relationship with Me. Don’t lose yourself… I made you! I didn’t make you, so you will stop being you.

There are many personality types and ways of living shown in the bible – choose one, or find your own. True leaders will not try and change you into a clone of themselves (emotionally and personality wise), they will accept you where you are (as I do) and they will try to find ways to have you grow into the man you are meant to be – not into the man they need or want you to be. Copy their love of Me, copy their love of others, learn from them – but do not allow them to change you Mark.

Leaders! Accept Mark as he is. Look at his heart. Love him as he is and seek Me to find ways that Mark can become all he is meant to be. Leaders! Mark does not exist for you. You leaders exist to serve the people I entrust to you. You leaders are to wash their feet as Jesus washes yours. Do not change this man, support him as he grows into Me.

Mark, love the people around you and serve them. I will correct the church. Right relationships will be formed. The church is not head of itself, Jesus My Son is the head of the church.

The next day, Weds, I felt this word was confirmed. I share this in the hope that you can see God’s love for you and His desire for all of us to grow up into Him and to have a deep and personal relationship with Him. There are many things I can see about His character and determination, but I imagine that what really matters is what you can see for yourself.

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