Pics of Galilee

These shots are taken by me, from the same spot to the north of the lake. Even though it’s called the Sea of Galilee it is really a lake which had 12 towns around it.

GalileeThis pic looks east towards Tiberias.

Galilee 2This one looks west towards where Peter’s house was and towards where Jesus said “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida!“.

One of the most interesting things was that there is NOTHING left of these two towns. Archaeologist aren’t even sure where they were located exactly.

If there is interest, I can post some more pics of Israel and the things I learned and saw.

Jesus boatFor example, this is a picture of an actual 2000 year old boat that they dug up within a few 100 meters (yards) from where I was taking these pictures. This boat has been miraculously preserved.

Just think, Jesus travelled between the 12 towns surrounding this lake in a boat EXACTLY like this one. 😀

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