The house of St Peter in Galilee

I’m kinda on a roll here posting today, I’m going to go with it. 🙂 More pics from the Galilee area coming up:

SSL10959.JPG This is a shot of the environment as you walk up to the house of St Peter.

catholic_church.jpg Great pic of the Catholic church that is built directly over the house of St Peter.

SSL10958.JPG A shot off to the side which shows the ruins below the suspended church.

SSL10950.JPG Here you can clearly see there are ruins below the raised church. The floor of the church is glass so you can see down to the ruins. The church is catholic, so this house of St Peter is a focal point.

SSL10949.JPG This shot gives a bit more angle so you can see the tiny size of the house.

SSL10955.JPG A guide to the various churches built over this site. NOTE the three different buildings. The first was Peter’s house, the other two were churches built over his house. Note the 3 colors.

SSL10956.JPG In this pic you can see the ruins – color coded.

SSL10957.JPG Here you can see the ruins of the various churches that were built over this site – including the C4th Domus Ecclesia and C5 Octagonal Church.

SSL10962.JPG This synagogue may have been built C4-C5 and it’s DIRECTLY next door to the house of St Peter. It literally couldn’t be any closer.


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