Why didn’t Jesus “do church”?

Firstly, let me say that Jesus did attend church. He often went to church (temple). He announced Himself in temple when they asked Him to read from Isaiah. Jesus was and is PRO-church. I am pro-church too. Church roxorz!

But when it came time for Him to be a leader and to reach out to people, He didn't set up a church building of His own. Why not?

It would have been SO much more effective. Think about it this way for a moment. If Jesus did set up a "church building" and preach from it, word would have got around in no time and the attendance would have been HUGE! He could have had stadium seating (think colosseum) and He would easily have filled the pews (seats) at least 5 times a day every day of the week… with ease. Imagine the home groups (cells). Imagine the tithes! The building programs, the outreaches, the money for the poor!

Seriously. It would have been HUGE. Massive. Humongous. It would have exceeded anything imaginable today and it would have achieved every goal we desire today: reaching people, healings, great teaching (really great!), attendance, money, vertical connection with God, horizontal connection with each other.

So why didn't He do it? There must be a good reason.

My intention is to provoke thought, to encourage you to dig deeper into God's intention. When you come up with an answer to these questions, you may have a deeper understanding not only of what God intended for Jesus, but also what God intends for you. Everyone is different and He treats each of us differently. Diversity is important.

What did you think of this post or this blog?

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