Victims, abusers and Christian love

We do not automatically know how people came to be who they are. We don’t know by looking at them how they got to be in their current situation.

This is a made-up story about an innocent girl, or a boy perhaps and how she/he become trapped into pornography. You could change the theme from pornography to prostitution, witchcraft or anything else.

This story is really about the need that everyone has for love – and corruption by the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Mostly, it’s a request for you to care about people around you – while not judging them.

Where to begin? At the beginning. No one is born bad. Not one of us.

We all (boys and girls) start out life emotionally soft – like she was. As she grew she was gentle and had hopes for kindness and dreamed of love. She wants to share quiet moments with the man who would gazing into her eyes and love her. She thought she would be happy forever. Perhaps she dreamed of her wedding day and a white dress.

But for some, life has not been like that. Now as a young adult she has become involved with pornography to make a living. Perhaps she didn’t go to university and can’t get a well paying job, she needs to feed her son and pay the mortgage. In a world of expenses she knew her attractiveness to men meant she could sell herself and get through life.

Pornography looks entertaining on a PC. But it’s an empty, hard, intense and eventually cruel environment. Anyone who comes in as an innocent – like she is – will be gradually eaten by wolves. In a confused state, surrounded by men speaking kindly at first, she craves her own emotional aliveness – she agrees to what seems to be acceptable, what produces aliveness in her. She still has those dreams – to be alive, to connect, to feel, to be loved. But this is not love. Following her need for aliveness and not knowing what good love really is, she chooses to descend into a pit which has been especially prepared for the attractive, innocent, vulnerable, needy and naïve.

She is one of the unlucky ones who were not protected by those around her. Like her, millions fall into the hands of the sick every day – only to become sick themselves. They fall because too few care enough to stop the predators and stop their hunting. She will become sick over time and like the wolves preying on her, she may begin preying on others too.

This is how the innocent are led to the destruction of their hopes, dreams, emotions, body and spirit. The victim eventually becomes an abuser, the abuser hurts victims who also become abusers. This cycle repeats itself unless someone can step in by using love and prayer to break the cycle.

All the while it is the enemy of humanity, the rebellious one, satan, who comes to steal, kill and destroy lives. How can satan do this? He does this and freely roams because too few care enough to do something about it.

It is Jesus who is able to restore lives. He came to give us life abundantly. It is Jesus who has the power to snatch people from the fire, but too few people care enough to partner with Jesus to actually make a difference in this world. We simply must partner with Him to avoid a soddom and gomorrah situation. We must care enough to bring Jesus into the lives of people around us.

He saw that there was no one, he was appalled that there was no one to intervene; so his own arm worked salvation for him … Isaiah 59:16 (NIV)

God wants you to intervene! He is appalled when no one takes action and He will then take action Himself to stop the disaster.

Rise up all you people of God. Love the abused. Love the abusers too, because they were once the abused themselves. Rise up and receive your inheritance – you are overcomers! Protect people and set them free in His name. Care for the people around you through prayer and love.Inherit what Jesus made available for you – you are sons of God. Love the hurt and bring the homeless into your house.

What I’m interested in seeing you do is: sharing your food with the hungry, inviting the homeless poor into your homes, putting clothes on the shivering ill-clad, being available to your own families. Isaiah 58:7 (The Message)

Release the captives who are held captive by an unloving world! Release them by: lifting them up into God’s arms in prayer and by loving them with your life.

2 responses to “Victims, abusers and Christian love

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  2. I do understand but unfortunately I can’t help because my own home isn’t mine, I am under the rules of the subsidized housing that prevents me from being free to do what you are telling me to do and I know I should do but I don’t have the liberty to do that being under subsidized low income housing. They control everything but pray that I am able to own my own home about a 5 bedroom house then I would be at liberty to help others.

    Hi Sherell. Loving someone is a unique thing that depends on what you are able to do. For many years in my life I was so hurt and lost that I couldn’t really do much more than be kind and smile at people to show my love for them. Sometimes I couldn’t even do that. It’s ok. We do not all need to build orphanages or donate a million $… we just do what we can, when we can. There is no absolute standard to achieve. It’s between you and God. Don’t worry about what anyone else does or doesn’t do. Just be you. God bless you – Mark.

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