What would you like to see in a Christian revival?

This article is tremendously exciting to me. I can’t even begin to explain to you how excited I am at the thought of Christians living out this word – just down to earth people who are filled with God’s own Spirit (His nature and character) and living the way Jesus said we would.

He writes:

The surest evidence of God’s true leadership will be the clear presence of the fruit of the Spirit. God’s righteousness will begin to reflect the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. The evidence of His character in us is ultimately pleasing to the Lord.

Even more important than revealing the Spirit’s power gifts is the revelation of the fruit of the Spirit through a consecrated life of righteousness. This is only achieved by the Holy Spirit abiding in us; believers becoming partakers of the divine nature that reveals the Spirit of Holiness.

These men and women will be known by their fruit and their purpose will be to manifest God’s redemptive attributes in the earth. Their anointing will come from Isaiah 11:2, the sevenfold Spirit of God.

Their Identification—The manifestation of the Fruit of the Spirit — Galatians 5:22-24

1. Love
2. Joy
3. Peace
4. Patience
5. Kindness
6. Goodness
7. Faithfulness
8. Gentleness
9. Self-Control

Their Anointing— The Seven Spirits of God— Isaiah 11:2

1. Spirit of the Lord
2. Spirit of Wisdom
3. Spirit of Understanding
4. Spirit of Counsel
5. Spirit of Might
6. Spirit of Knowledge
7. Spirit of Reverential Fear of the Lord

Their Purpose – To reveal the twelve names illustrating the divine character of God and His primary redemptive attributes manifested in the Person of Jesus.

1. Lord Our Shepherd
2. Lord Our Provider
3. Lord Our Righteousness
4. Lord Our Peace
5. Lord Our Healer
6. Lord Our Banner
7. Lord Who Sanctifies
8. Lord Of Hosts
9. Lord Most High
10. Lord Who Smites
11. Lord of Recompense
12. Lord is Present

That article goes on to list some of the names of God and what they mean. This is a brilliant article, one that reveals Him and encourages us to consider trusting Him more deeply.

Can you imagine the impact of a generation of people who live this kind of life? Surely it is not reserved for only the “apostolic leaders”. No no no!

I am praying and asking for a fundamental shift in the fabric of Christian society. What I am asking for is the “fruit” (outlined above) combined with the use of “common” Christians who have sold out to God (outlined below). This article puts it so well:

The angel then told Bob that everything he was observing in this vision was a prophecy. He then asked, “What do you see.” Bob replied that their appearance seemed so ordinary. The angel’s response was “precisely.” “We are going to work with ordinary people who have fully yielded their spirit, soul and body to the Lord,” he said.

Those used most prominently in this installment of God’s plan will not boast in their wisdom or might, but in knowing the Lord intimately. Jeremiah 9:23-24 speaks of this attribute saying,

Open QuotesLet not a wise man boast of his wisdom, and let not the mighty man boast of his might, let not a rich man boast of his riches; but let him who boasts boast of this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD who exercises lovingkindness, justice and righteousness on earth; for I delight in these things,” declares the LORD.Quote Closed

It is the Lord’s intent during this season to fully mobilize the Body of Christ into its function as God’s intermediary on the Earth. The foremost responsibility of the five-fold ministry is to equip God’s people to do the work of the ministry.

But I have a caution. It is in God’s nature to offer to everyone to be a part of this. The people that I hope God will use are moms and pops. Sisters and brothers. He can do it. He changed so many people’s lives as He walked on the earth and those people were changed into remarkable people. I pray He will do it again.

But not just anyone and everyone will be used. The reason is simple. God would like to use everyone, but not everyone is willing to pay the cost of being used. Comfort is a problem in Christianity. What is the requirement? The requirement is that the person must choose to have intimacy with Him and work to achieve it. The cost is a change in choices, behaviour and mindset. Real intimacy with Him leads to real fruit. There is no getting around that, no faking it, no pretending, no shortcuts.

This is not about salvation. If you’re reading this far down the post, you’re probably a believer. Yay! This is not about getting saved or winning points with God. It’s about what you want to do with the rest of your life? God is about to do something (in years to come) and do you want to be a part of the fun?

I am particularly excited. Here are some things that I am asking for:

  • The tremendous fruit and love outpouring that I hope to see, which will set a new course for “church life” and redefine how churches do their business
  • The way I hope this move will flow from person-to-person because I hope it will be love-based, in that it can renew lives, heal people and restore relationships.
  • The real emotional and relational intimacy with Him that will be a pre-requisite for this. Not trips into the third heaven, not walking on clouds, not seeing in the supernatural (I have had these and they are not fruitful). What is fruitful is real connectivity with Him. Jesus prayed for something in John 17 – His prayer was (and is) that we will be one with the Father, just as He was one with the Father

Open QuotesMy prayer for all of them is that they will be one, just as you and I are one, Father–that just as you are in me and I am in you, so they will be in us, and the world will believe you sent me.Quote Closed John 17:21 (NLT)

Tell me, what are you asking for? What would you like to see in a revival?

Bring it on Lord! Let’s do this thing, I’m pumped. 😀

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