The testimony of a 33rd degree freemason

This is an excellent and very human, very natural article about the experiences of a Freemason and why he chose Christianity.

As I read this article I noticed several things:

It's fairly written and speaks positively about the good works that Freemasons do and explains why Freemasons feel proud about their involvement. It highlights that Freemasons can be Christians even at the highest levels – it also shows how many people in the highest political arenas are involved.

There is a strong focus on giving to the poor and helping people. I like that. 🙂

The article didn't go into the consequences of Freemasonry or the effects, although he did imply that his health was failing and that it became restored after leaving Freemasonry.

The testimony didn't judge the spirituality, but while reading you will be able to note the abundance of death related objects (skeletons, skulls, nooses etc.) and the egyptian witchcraft and egyptian gods (Egyptian sun god), Ankhs, serpents on the walls, having "bibles" from other faiths, worshipping a god whose name is not explicitly Jesus… and so on. What's the problem with this? Many of these things are explicitly mentioned in the bible as bringing curses (which last for generations to come!) onto the people who have them in their house or are involved in them.

I have personally had to struggle for a long time to get free from the various curses and I know many (not a few) people who also have had tremendous trouble (an inability to understand Christianity, phsycial sickness, death in the family and suicidal feelings) in their lives which are the consequences of these death-related curses. In all cases the people I have helped have been set free by praying through this stuff with them by them accepting Jesus' sacrifice as full payment (the perfect lamb) in accordance with Leviticus and the many instances of the bible describing the power of the new convenant that Jesus has established with us.

I also found it interesting that there is an implication of "something" higher than the 33d degree of Freemasonry, but only for people who have no interest in Christianity. This is a common theme.

I found this testimony to be very interesting. You can read some of my own Freemasonry-related testimony here if you want.

I'd like to hear your thoughts and feedback (whatever they are, positive or negative) on Freemasonry.

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