Healing people through Loving them

This post follows on from The simplicity of Love

One day (a year or two ago) I saw myself holding someone who was hurt and hurting and as I loved them witha hug, the power of God wooshed down from heaven and fell into and through them… healing them.

In the last few weeks I have experimented with this form of healing, to just love the person and to love God. The results have been spectacular. I only ever hoped it would be so good.

Now listen to this

One lady had been full of demons and was told by her witch doctor to eat her family! She was severely sick and could not sleep. She would cut her arm and drink her own blood. When she came to church I would hug her and pray she would know the love of Jesus. Then one of our pastors visited her and burned all her witch doctor fetishes, and almost immediately she was freed and filled with the peace of Jesus. This morning her face was beaming with love, and instead of eating her family, they have become her friends!

And listen again to the simplicity

I could tell you about the thousands of people we are feeding every day. I could tell you about all the signs, wonders and miracles. But I prefer to tell you about one life, a little boy, named Selsun. This Friday I found him wandering the streets of Maputo, sad, despondent and rejected. I walked in the back streets with him, making friends. I went to where he was living under a veranda. I found out his parents died in a train crash and his aunt beat him up. She does not want him. I’m reminded that it is all about loving the one in front of us. We decided to take him to our Zimpeto center. Hanna, one of our missionaries, will be take care of him. He now loves Jesus. He has a home. He is no longer afraid or alone. Now he can see his dreams fulfilled and go to school!

We need to keep it simple and love the one in front of us.

My theology has changed so many times in the last few years and it is changing again. At first I discovered the New Covenant (what Jesus did for us) and then I found Jesus Himself. It is becoming simplified by understanding what it is He wants us to do.

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