How will anyone know? Through you!

If we won't let the Kingdom of God be formed in our lives, then where can they see the Kingdom of God? Jesus said… Heal the sick who are there and tell them, 'The kingdom of God is near you' He means that the Kingdom of God is in us and that is why it's near to the person who has just been healed.

If we don't have the fruit (love, peace, kindness) how can they taste and see (the fruit) and then know that the Lord is good?

If we don't live the promises He gave us, how will anyone see them and place their hope in Him?

If we don't walk out of the same jail they are in, how will they know how to walk out for themselves?

If we aren't overcomers, how can they see the way to overcome for themselves?

If we don't ask God to overcome the world in our lives, then how will they know that God is really able to overcome the ways of this world in their lives too?

If we don't live the truth ourselves, then how will others see that Jesus is the way to God and that it's a good choice to make?

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