I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance

Around Thursday 21st Feb 2006, God spoke to me through the bible. It’s not a “word-perfect” rhema but it’s His heart for me as I come to the end of an incredibly hard time in my life. It has been a desert that literally lasted for decades.

Sometimes I made wrong choices and that caused me to remain in the desert, sometimes God was teaching me things or creating character-related things in me that perhaps can only be done in a desert.

He spoke to me from Deut 6:4 through to Deut 15:7 and by highlighting a few of the verses to me.

This is one of the many ways He “speaks” to you and I.

Open Quotes
Deut 6:4 Love God
Deut 7:7 God chooses me (He chooses you too!)
Deut 7:13 God will bless me and take away sickness
Deut 8:2 God humbled and tested me in this wilderness
Deut 8:3 He allowed me to hunger and He fed me manna – unknown food – so I would learn I am dependant on Him
Deut 8:5 He chastened me as a father does to his son (discipline), to correct attitudes so they will go obediently
Deut 8:6 He is bringing me into a good land
Deut 8:9 where I can eat without scarcity, lacking nothing
Deut 8:12 build beautiful houses
Deut 8:14 where my heart is lifted up
Deut 8:16 He tested me and humbled me – to do me good
Deut 8:18 Remember that it is God who gives me power to get wealth
Deut 9:1 I am crossing over today (not literally that day, but in this day… time) to dispossess other nations mightier than me
Deut 9:3 today He crosses over ahead of me to destroy them and I will drive them out quickly
Deut 10:12 fear God, walk in His ways, love Him, serve Him, keep His commands
Deut 10:18 Justice! (for the poor, for the weak, for everyone in need)
Deut 11:25 No one shall stand against you
Deut 11:8 be strong and go in
Deut 12:7, 8 eat, rejoice, rest, inheritance
Deut 12:20 He will enlarge my border and I will eat as much as I desire
Deut 12:25, 28 do what is good in His sight!!
Deut 15:7 be generous to the poor!!Quote Closed

I am happy to say that this rhema has turned out to be so true in many ways. ūüėÄ

After a prolonged squawk (Dead Parrot Sketch: video script) I can finally say that He is providing for me more and more, my heart is now lifted up more and more, the land (my life) that I am coming into is a place with more and more abundance. Thank You Lord.

Why do I say more and more so often? Because The Kingdom of God grows, it’s a process and we are Made into His image, gradually

These words that were given to me. Are they yours too? These words were given to the Israelites as they entered the “promised land” (Israel). The promises (the land) are yours too but what perhaps remains is the timing. I recommend you ask for revelation on where you are at in your life and what’s next.

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