Jesus is the focus, the one constant

This post follows on from Pick up stix – making sense of the bible

In all the Old Testament teaching, in the prophets, in the prophecies, in the books of the New Testament, in the stories of Jesus healing people there is only one constant… Jesus is the one constant.

I began to see this as I read books which list all the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus and what He would do. As I read them I began to suspect that we may have missed 90% of what He has done for us, kind of in the same way that the Jewish nation missed Him as well.

I read books to understand God. I read wonderful books about all the names of God. But I've learned that just as the Jewish nation struggled to comprehend God (and missed Him) we can too. So I came to realise that I can just read about Jesus, because He is the exact likeness of God.

I did more research and more and more and I came to realise that the whole bible points to Him like this


From the first book in Genesis through to the Gospels, they point forward to Him. From the book of Acts through to Revelation, they sort of point backwards to Jesus and explain the implications of what He did for us. (Revelations sort of points forward to Him too in a sense.)

I have been writing about intimacy with God and about the tabernacle and various things… and in the end they all come back to Jesus and in particular: Jesus within us.

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