Please pray for Iris Ministries in Pemba

This Iris ministry began with only two people (Heidi and Rolland Baker) and through the immense power of God has resulted in 6000+ churches in about 6 years.

Our God is a good God and the only God and He is a mighty God. But He appears to want people to partner with and He wants us to care for things and to express our care as love and prayer. If we do not care about things, it's not good.

Iris Ministries has hit major resistance in an Islamic area and they are threatening to undo the good work that has been done. Please read Rolland's blog post: Situation for Iris in Pemba

Pemba (where the challenge is) is up in the top right hand corner of Mozambique in Southern Africa. Click the map below to enlarge and see it:


If you choose to pray for them, please hold up these lost people to Jesus and claim that He died for them – because He didn't just die for you and me… He died for them. If you will passionately ask our God to reach them, I assure you we will see Him move and release Iris Ministries from this test.

Why pray? Why pray passionately? Passion in your prayer is the key because God is wanting to see if we care for the people around us. I used to struggle with passivity in prayer. I wondered why an all powerful God wants us humans to pray for one another. I used to think "God's will be done" and smile happily to myself – and do nothing.

Then one day I read this bible verse:

Open Quotes
He saw that there was no one,
he was appalled that there was no one to intervene;
so his own arm worked salvation for him …
Quote Closed Isaiah 59:16 (NIV)

God wants us to intervene! He is appalled when no one takes action and He will then take action Himself to stop the disaster.

Will you take action and call on Him to help Iris Ministries reach the lost and the hurting in Pemba? Please do. If you knock the door will be opened. If you ask it will be given.

One response to “Please pray for Iris Ministries in Pemba

  1. No matter what happens, be like David who challenged a man who every one was afraid of, but because he trusted God he did and defeated him, things no one expected that would ever happen.

    Thank you for that encouraging word. It came at a good time and it’s a principle I live by. Thank you also for the work you are doing there. I hope someday to visit and help you build still more orphanages. God bless you – Mark.

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