The victory in Pemba… already!

For those who read Please pray for Iris Ministries in Africa and then intervened with their prayer… be very encouraged. Your prayers (your concern, your love, your care) was heard and He acted! People's lives were touched and they changed. In only 3 days. How great is our God?

Read their blog post: The Victory… here is a snippet:

The party chief did not respond well at first, and in fact kept threatening us, saying that not only would they not retract their story, but that they were going to print even more against us in the newspaper.

After quite a long time, though, there was a sudden big shift. Heidi had been explaining our hearts and work, softly and in tears. We are for the country, have nothing against the party, and simply want to love and help. She explained what we do with children and education, and Pastor José boldly told of our evangelism all over the province. We have no political agenda, and want to do good to everyone we meet, in the name of Jesus.

As they kept sharing our motivation and purposes in Mozambique, the chief softened and broke. He believes us, he said, and confessed to having a hard knot in his heart over all this. He said he was so relieved to be free of this hardness, and that this had become a great day in his life.

Although we won this, do not be mistaken that the enemy will now walk away. Please keep praying for the message of Jesus' love and what He has brought to the world… pray for that to be known by yourself, known by the church, known by the world.

Pray with passionate love for the people around you. Your passion is needed.

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