What is it like to partner with Jesus?

What is is like to partner with Jesus? It's like dancing with a dance partner. You step, He steps. You adjust, He adjusts. That's what it's like. Sometimes you feel embarrassed because you don't know the steps. Sometimes you step on His foot (but He doesn't get angry). Sometimes it goes wonderfully well and it's extremely satisfying.

At first you just get to know the rhythm, usually by watching another Christian who is already dancing like a pro. They are called elders. They have so much to teach… if they can just be patient and be uncritical.

If you can't find someone like that, then don't worry… the Holy Spirit lives to teach you how to walk with Himself and Jesus and our Father.

So you begin to dance. It's exhilarating at first but can become frustrating because it's all so new and different.


Slowly you get the hang of it. One-two. One-two. One-two. You begin to think: hey, I can do this! ūüėÄ

basic dance.gif
Then just when you're settling in, the steps get more complicated. You see more, know more and get some responsibility.
And just when you've got used to the faster dance with one person (Jesus/Holy Spirit) then you notice there are more people entering into the dance. It's a Spanish Rueda dance with 30+ people in it (also known as a church)! Ok, this is getting complicated!

31 rueda dance.JPG (Click the image to expand it to see a Rueda dance. Rueda means circle or wheel.)

Now the footsteps are more complicated because you're weaving into other people's footsteps. At this point you might long for when it was just you and Jesus. Sigh. But His one and only command is: to love one another.


It's getting wild and all you can do sometimes to keep from falling down is to keep on holding His hand while He holds yours back.

You just keep learning and keep trusting and pretty soon you catch up. You begin to enjoy yourself even more than you ever did before. You grow and learn to love the people around you and they mature in their own walk and they learn to love you back.

Along the way you've been through ups and downs and you've learned about yourself and about His character. You find out that you've grown and it was through perseverance with Him, because perseverance produces character.

This relationship that God offers to humans is simply incredible. Jesus opened the way for us to come into a relationship with our Maker. There is no other religion on this planet that offers such a tremendously personal relationship with God. The only way to God is through Jesus.

If this is the kind of relationship you want to have with Jesus, to walk with Him, then please read more on this blog, or read this How to get eternal life.

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