God doesn’t live your life, YOU live YOUR life

I have felt that it’s ok to share these words that God spoke to me Tuesday 20th July 2004. He said to me:

Pray, but don’t expect an immediate response (now-now-now!) and then believe and don’t fret – just live your life because the answer will come, you may only see the answer afterwards.

To hear My voice you (Mark) have to spend a lot of time with Me. Read My bible, I will continue whispering to you until you eventually recognise My voice very easily and at all times.

I don’t live your life, YOU live your life. I help you. You will live your 24 hours, no matter what you want Me to do. You can live it passive or active. You can lie on your bed waiting for Me, or on a squash court – either way I am with you, in you and I will be with you whatever you do and wherever you go. So you can stay indoors or live in the sunshine (as Ecclesiastes says) but either way I am there with you Mark. If you live passively or actively, with personal goals or without personal goals – either choice will have an impact on your happiness in your life. But either way you live the consequences. Avoiding making choices doesn’t solve things – because as you wait, you’re still living your 24 hours.

There is no one way to live. There is no perfect life other than My Son’s life, Jesus. You are not Jesus. You have Him in you, but you still have your 24 hour day.

It’s wonderful that you want Me to influence your life, I have been and I will continue to, but you still have to live your 24 hour days. I will help, but you live them. I am in you (to help) and you are safely in Me (you’re saved) – but you are still you – we are not One. Even after time, you will be you and I will still be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords – we are connected by faith but we are not One.

Sometimes you sit depressed demanding I fix you. I am working on that, but it is My decision that it will not be done in one second.

This is like a recording, I have written on your heart Mark: “I will NEVER forsake you or leave you Mark”.

As best as I can tell He’s here with me as I wrote and write this and that you (the reader) can listen to these words and take the good from them, leaving the bad behind. Remember to always look for the fruit to determine if something is good or not – does it give you a sense of peace or love or kindness? If not, ignore it.

I’d like to make one point, when God was saying “we are not One”, He didn’t mean we are separate from Him. Jesus said in John 17 that He wants us to be one with our Father in heaven as He (Jesus) is one with the Father. What God was saying is that I am not merged with Him, I do not lose my identity, He is saying that I exist, I matter and I am me.

I hope you have been blessed by these words. God loves you.

Update: I have written a second part to this: Getting closer to Me, without losing yourself

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