Made into His image, gradually

The enemy is trying to make this world into his own image – a place of greed where the fittest survive and there is no mercy for the weak. That is the nature of capitalism and evolution – the weak do not survive. Our society increasingly is the same.God – through Jesus – wants us to be remade into His image. Jesus Himself came and walked the earth and demonstrated the kindness, strength and power we can have if we will allow ourselves to be remade into His image.

That can only happen with our consent. We partner with Him in this process.

That explains to me why the more comitted we are as christians are to be used by God, the more we will undergo change. This can be a scary experience because we feel out of control – well, *I* do anyway! 🙂 But the fruit is good.

It's not that we must be His twin, losing our own identity, it's that we become more of ourselves – not more of someone else!

We all know we are all under the influence of the world around us. The TV, movies, society – it all influences us. That's pretty obvious. There is a lot of socialization that happens to us throughout our lives. Society tries to make us all into a clone of each other. Dress the same (the best), follow the same fashions (the best), drive the same car (the best) and own the same TVs (the best).

The thing is, God wants to socialize us in His ways, not in the ways of this world. God is not interested in making everyone like Himself, He truly values our opinion and I can personally say that He wants me to be the best me that I can. Like any loving Father, He wants to see me grow into… me! The best ME that I can be, not a clone of you or of Him.

The changeover period, where our thinking is being renewed is a long slow period of having old patterns taken away (a feeling of loss of familiarity) and the replacement of that with a hybrid of our own choices and God's will for us. It's a process that can take time, depending on how quickly we can let go of the old and how much we WANT and ASK for the new.

If you want to change, then here is a prayer for you:

Lord Jesus I want to be made into Your likeness, but I thank You that You won't cause me to become a robot, but You will always be watching over me as I grow into a healthy, happy, loving person. I know You want this because these are the fruits of a person who has You in their life. I want that. Please change me.

Bless you!

2 responses to “Made into His image, gradually

  1. I found this to be helpful and the part about us being shaped by the world was very clear and relevant. I will use it in talking to the youths at church. Blessings

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