Ubuntu – I am because we are

Have you heard the saying the it takes a village to raise a child? Many of us were raised without that village so we don’t really know what the depth is that Jesus and the bible talks about when it speaks of giving the people around us kindness and loving them. It’s not optional, it’s vital.

Churches are the new village but they sometimes fail to see that is their role. Elders are the missing aunts and uncles that we should have (and I do have – thank You Lord). Counsellors are also agony aunts – which we would have had, if we were raised in a village.

We really cannot separate ourselves from each other. We cannot see our actions as separate from the impact on each other. God designed it this way – just think about the fact of generational curses, think about the results of Adam and Eve’s sin on you and me. What I am saying is that no person is an island and God wants us to “get” this and to take action on it. It’s built right into the fabric of this world. It’s a reality.

That’s a part of the meaning of the word Ubuntu.

Here is a video showing Nelson Mandela describing Ubuntu.

4 responses to “Ubuntu – I am because we are

  1. Hi mark,

    Listen I just wanted to personally thank you and let you know just how much of a blessing you are. just 10 mins. ago I was crying out to God, it hurt so bad. I told him about how alone, lonely and hurt I felt inside. Even though I’ve done so much growth in my walk as a christian, getting involved in different ministries, even becoming part of the worship team, worshipping Him with all of me.. then all of a sudden, today of all days I just felt it. I don’t know why it feels so empty. I used to feel it a lot before I became a christian, it disappeared for awhile and I thought I was cured, but now … it’s here. I don’t get it, I have friends in church and out of church, im involved in different ministries and it fulfilled me, but today I just feel burned out, like i’m lost and that all of that was for nothing. I feel useless, because even though I’m with such a great God and I live by grace, I’m still feeling this way. It feels like I’m insulting Him, feeling this way. My heart is so broken, and I feel so alone. Then I had this strong urge to google it and it led me to your blog. I read it and I started to feel a little bit better. It started to remind me of what a pastor told me recently, that in order for us to obey the commandment of loving thy neighbor as yourself, it implies that you learn to love yourself (in the right way) first. ANd I guess I’ve realized, (or rather, that God answered my prayer through your blog) that I’ve been neglecting some things. Looks like I took the “denying myself” part too far heheh. ANyway I didn’t mean to digress, all I wanted was to let you know how much of a blessing you’ve been. Just thought you might like to know how you were used by God today to reach out to someone like me. God bless you sir, twice and ten times more than you have blessed me! Thank you.

    • Hi Kai. It is my priveledge to be able to share my life and have wonderful people – such as you – read about it and then choose to share your own stories and support me. It means a lot to me that when I SPEAK, other people people HEAR and they ACCEPT. And that is the trick… you need to speak about what happened to you. Not just randomly, but to someone who has agreed to HEAR you, and who will SUPPORT you. This is the vital thing. If you don’t know anyone, then SPEAK in your prayers to Jesus Christ. But preferably, go to church, ask for counselling or pastoral care, and SPEAK to them. At the beginning of my growth, I asked the counsellors, how do people heal. He replied “by speaking/talking”. And that has turned out to be so true… when you share what happened, and when people take time to listen and then to support you… THAT is when your growth and healing will accelerate.I hope this helps 🙂 God bless you! Mark.

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  3. I guess the issue of feeling empty occasionally due to a not so happy childhood made a way for me to get interested in Ubuntu, both the Linux distribution and the philosphy. I gained a lot of friends and it felt so good that I have always looked at each one of them as my brothers and sisters. I guess I was trying to fill up the love I lack as a kid. I was never a friendly kid and did not really have a lot of close pals to whom I was able to share all stuff that I was going through, I tried to carry all the burden. Thanks so much for your web blog, I do still feel empty once in a while but it become a bit bearable now that I know the reason behind it and that I have the power to change my way of thinking, for happiness sake =).

    God Bless!

    Hi yolynne. Yes, change the way you think. That’s a big key. It works in life and in Christianity as well. Put down the bad gifts life gave us, and receive the good gifts He made available to us on the cross and in His resurrection. God bless you! Mark.

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