Prayer, love and healing

Thanks so much to anyone who read my request for payer (in the top right of my blog pages).

I can honestly say that last week (when I went away to the coast to seek Him and pray about my future and the upcoming trip and where the money would come from etc.) I received a wonderful realization and I feel heaps better.

God showed me a crack at the center of me and then I prayed about it and I began to see that it was a perception that I had of myself of being unloved. Heh. And then I prayed about that – and I began to see the friends and family and people I have around me who love me. I immediately began to self-talk and tell myself the truth… and I felt better and better and better. I had some of the best days of my life. No matter what I did – even sitting in a chair – was immensely pleasing. I simply felt good inside.

I now see that the reason I could not feel the love before was that my need for love was so huge that it could never be met by anyone. Sad huh? But He has gradually healed that as I've worked on dealing with my past and with my present. I did the work and He guided it and gave me the grace to do it.

What a team!

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