Some more posts on marriage

Yeah, yeah… I said I woudn’t post any more on this… but here I go again. Some really cool posts with mature thoughts in them…

as well as spending so much time (and money!) on preparations for the Big Day, she has certainly not failed in preparing for the most important reason of this whole celebration: marriage that will follow the wedding. Unfortunately, for many couples, the wedding – one day – is the part that is given the most thought, planning, effort, and time. Marriage is a HUGE life-altering season, and it takes much work on both husbands- and wives-to-be in order to prepare for those roles, Wedding planning: don’t forget marriage!


he expressed his concern for the fact that too many young Christian adults are refusing to grow up and make themselves ready for the responsibilities of being a husband or wife, but rather prolonging their adolescence.

So what are we to conclude? Well, firstly it seems that Paul is actually referring to the gift as being one of celibacy rather than just singleness, which is a rare gift, and so therefore the majority of us are to assume marriage. However, I still believe our season(s) of singleness are to be seen as a gift – a period that we can use to God’s glory and our benefit.

Secondly, we are not to think of marriage as something that will somehow fulfil us or satisfy our selfish needs Singleness as a gift – but not an excuse


Once I said, “Please bow your heads as we hear God’s voice.” Just then, a volunteer fireman’s radio went off, “Paging City of Hayward Fire Department. We have a grass fire on Nyman Ave. Please respond immediately.” God’s voice certainly sounded different that I’d expected, though somewhat familiar. Thus far, all of my brides and grooms have made it to the chapel — although one bride was over an hour late, and the groom feared she’d ditched him. Fortunately, it was just a bad hair day. With all these experiences, I must say that assisting couples in their matrimony vows is extremely rewarding. The little glitches just make the event more memorable. The only thing more beautiful than the love of a bride and groom is their love maturing through 25 and 50 years — with lots of glitches in between. Weddings

Ok, ok… I’m a romantic. So sue me. 😛

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