Greets from Narita in Japan

Flying from Australia to London is a chore… usually. Everyone flies for 20+ hours and is jet lagged and tired.

This time my tix went through Japan. I thought this would be a hassle… but no! 9.5 hours to Japan – which is on the same timezone (almost) and then a brilliant evening with some other Aussie travellers (Carolyn, Thao and Ian). We went out on the town – Narita – and we had a blast!

Dont tell Carolyn, but she is just a gorgeous woman – inside and out. Playful, gentle. I very much doubt she will read this, so Im safe. I sat next to her on the flight over – 9.5 hours. She ignored me most of the way and then suddenly brightened up near the end.

All 4 of us had SUCH fun. Drinking sake. Trying all kinds of different Japanese foods. Laughing all the way. We all found a place with karaoke and Sappora Draught beer (and UI dont usually drink!).

Fun fun fun. Then a good sleep. Today is a 12.5 hour flight to London. The four of us had brekkie together and are sitting near each other. Should be fun. We arrive at 5pm and then see my family and then dinner and more sleep. Perfect!!

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