Pics published pronto!

collage1.jpgI have published some images on Flikr from my trip to London so far. Check them out!

My OLD pictures from previous trips are here.

FWIW: I made the collage on the left with the free Google Picasa. I reduced the size of the images (from my Samsung Digimax i5 camera) by using the Windows XP Powertoy plugin called Image Resizer. The resizer plugs into Windows Explorer directly, so I just right mouse click and reduce! I uploaded to Flikr using their Flickr Uploadr for Windows XP. Too easy!

Waving my ‘freak flag’

In the morning I felt pressed to publish a post explaining about empty feelings and how to heal. This was a big big step for me. By publishing that post, I am showing people just how messed up I have been and just how committed to Jesus and His healing power I am. It shows just how different I am and all my life I have wanted to serve Him, but I always desperately wanted to avoid being different. On this blog I feel like I am waving my freak flag! hehehe.

150-small.JPGBut… 150 people visited the site yesterday and it was a SUNDAY (usually the quietest day). So I’m thinking that God was in it. I hope so. And that makes it worth it.

Ah well… someday my future wife will read this and hopefully she’ll have the wisdom to see that God took me through the pain in order that I could understand people’s needs and relate to them. And she’ll see my heart for Him and that it matches hers.

So I’ll just go on waving my freak flag and maybe other people will begin waving their as well – pretty soon we’ll love the earth back to health. If I touch 12 people and they touch 12 people… are there any mathematicians reading this would can estimate how long it will take to touch everyone in the world?

What did you think of this post or this blog?

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