Blessed to be a blessing

Jesus said we should be encouraged, because He has overcome this world. He said that the gates of hell could not withstand His Kingdom. He said greater is He who is in us, than he would is in this world.

This blog post is from the front lines where Heidi and Rolland Baker are pushing back the enemy.

Thank you for your love and prayers. I so appreciate your keeping in touch. God has been pouring out His Holy Spirit on us in such a beautiful way. Every week I call for the deaf to come forward during the outreach, and each week any deaf person that comes forward is healed!!!! I love watching the faces in the crowd light up with joy as they see Jesus do miracles. The village comes to the Lord and we plant a church the following week.

In the middle of such a harvest we have been going through some major spiritual warfare in the last few weeks… – His Grace is Sufficient for Us

Wow huh? Cool. How I loooong to participate in this. Please pray for them. If you’re looking to work on an orphanage, for a short or long visit, you can visit them and get involved.

Another excellent post is this one…

I’ve been thinking about a trend in Christendom to minimize the gospel (You are a sinner. Jesus died and rose again to pay the price for your sin. Call on Jesus as Savior and you will be saved and become a new creation.)

As Christians we are choosing to put aside the mask of perfection to show the world that we are fallen humans who struggle—kind of an “anti-hypocritical movement.” We’re laying it out there, boldly proclaiming, “We’re no better than the next guy. We sweat. We bleed.”

The thing that concerns me about this trend is that by empathizing with unbelievers, we fail to tell them that there is a solution. We tell them they have a problem, but we don’t offer them the cure! We don’t tell them that God can give them power to overcome struggles, it is possible to say no to sin and walking with Christ offers freedom from earthly addictions.  – Not Ashamed

Suzanne always rocks the house. 😀

My comment to Suzanne is simply that many many Christians have not found the freedom for themselves, so they do not speak out about freedom to the others who are in bondage. Our divorce rate in the church is higher than the divorce rate OUTSIDE the church.

So it really starts with us, we must enter into the promised land – and then we can go out and help others come in. I used to have regular contact with a wonderful women of God. But over time I came to notice that she consistently was not an overcomer, she consistently appeared to be struggling and under attack. The abundance that Jesus has for us was not visible in her life.

Although she is a wonderful person and a prayer warrior and leader, she has clearly not yet come into the peace that the bible says is ours.

I pushed on forward in search of our inheritance and I found it. It’s hidden in Christ – just as Paul says. I have tried to describe how it is unlocked through faith and trust in the NC 1-12 (New Covenant) posts. I am now coming into this peace and healing and freedom and stability and provision – into abundance.

Now that I am receiving His blessing, it is only NOW I can try and be a blessing to others.

And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you [with abundant increase of favors] and make your name famous and distinguished, and you will be a blessing [dispensing good to others]. – Genesis 12:2

It’s a great promise, BUT we can only give away what we HAVE – that is the point I am making in this post about loving others as you love yourself.

Here is a great page which includes many bible verses along the lines of blessed to be a blessing.

But if you haven’t got the freedom yourself, then take a moment to ask Jesus to show you how to ge the freedom. The key is alarmingly simple: have faith and take action. Faith is to agree that what the bible says that Jesus did IS TRUE. Once you have decided to believe, then gradually things will change and you simply need to lean /rely on that.

What did He do for us? Teachers like Derek Prince are tremendously good at explaining what Jesus did for us. If you can watch him on TV, I recommend it.