Evanglism – the impact of one person

This post follows on from the call I made to you in Evanglism – the medium *is* the message in which I encourage you to seek Jesus to become like Him and to walk like Him and to have the same relationship with our Father as He had.

I imagine this is the effect of salvation in your life, when you received Him into your life and committed your life to His keeping. Plop! A drop of water was placed in you.


And if you walked with Him, it grew into a ripple that began to touch those around you


And the ripples grew wider over many years


And the ripples into other people’s lives became stronger (perseverance produces character) as you went through growth and resistance from others and challenges from your own mind and body – in this way your strength, knowledge and reliance on Him grew


Pretty soon people began to see something beautiful in you – and you know that it’s not you they are seeing! They see life. Love. A certain kind of joy even when you are struggling. They begin to ask where your joy comes from, they ask you for prayer, they want to spend time with you. If you talk about Jesus or about the bible, they listen.

It took a long time for the Holy Spirit to prepare you, but don’t feel discouraged because it took 30 years to prepare Jesus! Yes it took a while, but you’re now making the impact that Jesus and Paul were talking about. YOU ARE THE MESSAGE. You’re a son of God, walking as Jesus did, your life speaks it’s own tale to people. People see hope in you, they see life. They see an alternative to the money-obsessed life that they are used to.

No longer are we giving them empty promises, we’re healing them, we’re the living proof of Jesus’ promises.

In you the people see hope of a better life and of life eternal. They see Christ has formed in you. Hallelujah!


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  1. Oh my! I’m leading our all-age service tomorrow on the subject of mission, and it’s all about ripples and how what we do (through Christ) affects others. This is so affirming, it’s the first time I’ve led so Thank You Lord that I’m not just making this all up and someone else has had the same thoughts. Amen. Thank you for your guidance.

  2. I was lead to your website with the imput from a co-worker who suggested that I learn the meaning of The Word Evanglism for myself. What I found was a Revelation as well as a Confirmation that I truly am a Evanglist of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As I starred at the picture that depicts a rainbow in my opinion, tears flowed endlessly from my heart and wet my desk. I helped to bring healing to a friend of mine’s Heart when I shared that God wanted them to Understand that the Rainbow was the symbol that Is mankind’s proof that He would never destroy Mankind again. The rainbow is a symbol that I use to express and represent forgiveness to my friends when we have hurt one another. Thank you for helping me to Excel to another level of Love, Peace and Joy!
    God Bless.. SunShine/ Ms Tonya McDaniel

  3. I like your website.

    Additionally, I like the graphic you have used of the water ripple. I would like to use the graphic in a newsletter. Is the graphic of the ripple copyrighted?


    Millie Kotulek

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