How to renew the mind?

Renwing your mind is not something you can do in one day, it’s a process. The heart of it all begins with finding what Jesus did for you and then exploring that until you believe it and accept it and act on it. Reading the bible, starting with Colossians 2 and then Ephesians 2 & 3 and Hebrews 9 is a goodway to start. If you’re really courageous, try Romans 5.

Read them and underline the verses that say you are free, that all curses are removed, that the enemy has NOTHING to accuse you of. That you are no longer in sin but alive to God. Read it and re-read it. This is called the “washing of the word”.

Eventually the conflict between your daily experience of “real” life and these tremendous promises for us must surely drive you to pray to God to have Him show you how to get these freedoms. At that point, when you have taken that step of wanting to receive the freedom – then you will have turned the corner and He will lead you into that freedom.

But still the process can be slow at times, depending on what God is trying to train you for.