Men and women – a man’s thoughts

So I’ve had a lot of time to think while I’ve been on holiday. One of the areas that is simply jumping out at me is the whole men-women thing.

Nurturers and providers

As far as I can see women are designed to be nurturers and therefore what they desire is a self-confident and strong male. It makes sense. The stronger and more capable we are, the more emotionally softer and more femine women can afford to be.

In this way, the health of the home begins with a man being a man, this releases the woman to be a woman (and not to have two roles, part man).

Men bring home the bacon (by hunting if need be) and women raise the kids. Kinda makes sense that they need someone determined to be able to earn and survive, while they are raising kids with kindness and love.

Strong men

From what I can see, women respond to strong males, males who appear to know what they are doing, where they are going and why. Women can’t know for sure if the man is healthy inside, they try to evaluate it based on our behaviour: mainly through self assurance. If the man is kind then all the better!!

In this way it’s remarkably easy to be an attractive man.


My other thought is that I’ve learned that women have a characteristic that really makes sense out of their behaviour. They are always making their homes or rooms nice right? They paint their toenails. Etc. Why? They have a built-in drive to improve things. This makes sense if you think that they are designed to nurture children. So they always improve things… they buy nice clothing, they see the best in something or someone and then look to improve it/him.

An insecure man could take her improvement suggestions as criticism, but it’s probably just her, figuring out how to improve things.

Conversely a man will judge a woman’s ability to care for children by how she cares for herself. Kinda makes sense huh?


If God is not in the relationship, the woman’s drive for improvement could result in materialism and her efforts to improve people could spill over into controlling them with crticism.

The man’s desire to bring home the bacon could result in greed, his greater physical strength could be used to dominate others.

Our faith in God and our attention to our moral behaviour keeps things in balance – I hope.

Your take?

Comments are enabled… what do you reckon?

4 responses to “Men and women – a man’s thoughts

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  2. Hi Rhonda

    Thanks for sharing your perspective, I really like hearing other people’s views – it helps round mine off.

    In heaven we’d be perfect before we get together, but here we’re never perfect, so I am not sure that it’s realistic that we wait until we’re “good to go”, before having a partner.

    Then again, bringing massive identity issues and massive emotional damage into a marriage is not a good things at all. So somewhere there is a balance. Don’t go too early, don’t wait too late.

    Bless you!

  3. Man! Your post was ON IT! And that gives voice to what I’ve struggled with for so long.

    What I seek, is a strong man, but I’m also convicted of not trusting God with my relationships. I mean, who better to know what and who I need for my future but He, my Creator Himself?

    I really liked what you said about the woman’s need to nurture, but also the conflict of feeling like she needs to get things in order if she’s partnered with someone who, themselves, are not secure in who they are in Christ, and ultimately, themselves.

    This past Thursday and Friday evenings I attended a Singles conference that shed some light on a common pitfall that many singles fall into: ppl who seek a mate solely to fill a void in their life, or look for someone to complete them. Say for instance you’ve got male A with female B and “A” is 80% secure in who he is, and “B” is 70% secure in herself, neither one of the couple is able to complete the other because we were created to complement each other. What he lacks, I am designed to add to the covenant relationship and vice versa. (I now see why its important to grab a hold of understanding what the Father says about us, and being complete in Him first, and then prepared for the mate)

    Check out Genesis 1, where woman was created from the rib of Adam, who created in the likeness of God, (v. 26-27) didnt even know that he was lacking anything. It wasnt until God said, “Its not good for man to be alone, and created a helpmate). It was then that she was created from a part taken from him. Look at it like this, he’s got the seed, she the womb, they each have their unique parts (of themselves) and together, in unity, they are one.

    I hope that makes sense. I’m looking fwd to keeping up with your blog. I just love your writings.

  4. I reckon you are right on. And, I know in my personal life, having God at the center of a relationship is non-negotiable. I am blessed to have that.


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