Yesterday – A bus tour, Hillsong London, a decision

A bus tour

I went for a tour on the original bus co which includes a ferry to Greenwich. So great!

original_bus_co.JPG side.JPG inside.JPG


Then in the evening I went to London Hillsong in the Dominion Theatre at Tottenham Court. I knew I was nearby the church when I came out the station – I could see so many clean people walking around.

It was great. As usual. I really like the pastor there.

hillsong_dominion.JPG hillsong_london.JPG

There are tons of sex shops around that area and there was a gay mardi gras or something nearby – what a mission field!

I went to the markets in Greenwich (see my flickr pics) and went to the east-west line – which way was the wind blowing?


and I saw this authentic Brazil soccer shirt… only £5. I bought it and wondered aloud why I’m buying it, I have no idea who to give it to. I even told the guy I bought it from.

brasil.JPGAs I was waiting for the service to begin, I made friends with this homeless guy – and he said to me “are you using that shirt?” and so I knew it was for him. I gave it to him. He was blown away and I told him I was going to the church just over there.

As I waited in line for Hillsong to open (and the line went down the road and around the corner and then down that road!) a guy who was down and out came begging. I was the only person to give him money for the food he clearly needed. He looked at me in a weird way because I gave him money. How sad that with THOUSANDS of Christians around, no one else was helping him.

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

A decision

And me… well, today I am buying a ticket to Israel. Yeah! You think I’m nuts right? But I’m not. I have a hope that I’ll go to Jerusalem and find other Christians there and pray with them. I don’t know who, I don’t know where – and that’s how I like it. Woooo! You can see past pics from last year’s visit to Israel here.

9 responses to “Yesterday – A bus tour, Hillsong London, a decision

  1. Mark,
    Great job of representing. We have a pride issue in the church that has a tendency to give us a false understanding between discernment and judging. How many of those standing in line with you chose not to give because they assumed the needy individual was reaping the fruit of his choices. Scripture is clear we give not so much as response to a deserving need, but as a reflection of the compassionate heart of God whom we are called to reflect. Good job of being shiny.

  2. I really think we should actually make converstaion with them and meanwhile, invite them into the church!!!… tell them it is a safe and friendly place to be and an amazing service which can really speak into their life, with people offering hot drinks for free!!

    I think this would be the best thing to do and maybe even offer to buy them lunch after the service from the stand outside or something!!

    Therefore, we wouldn’t just be giving them earthly food but showing God’s love and also providing these needy people with spiritual food.. which is what I believe, they need much much more!!

    I have a real heart for the homeless in London and really wan’t to see them loved and within the body of Christ!!!

    Lotsa Love!!

  3. I’m a Christian who believes there are better ways to help the homeless than giving money directly to them. I will offer them food, conversation and a smile. I prefer to give my money to an organisation I can trust will have their best interest at heart.

    Hi margie. I totally agree. But the people in the line didn’t even offer them conversation. God bless, Mark.

  4. Way to be a Christian Mark. Not too many people are willing to part ways with a little money to help out the needy. Just think how many times he has more than likely been turned away. Who are we to judge what he is going to do with that money? You did right.

    My first reaction to reading that you are going to Isreal is not that you are nuts, but that now might not be the right time to go. However, you are fairly close and if you are prompted by the Spirit, then you should go. I wish I could go with you 🙂

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