We are making great progress!

This is such a good post by Kendra. I began to write a comment, but decided to write post here instead.

It’s encouraging to know that other people also see that the level of attack is increasing. I suspect it’s increasing because I doubt it could ever have remained at this level for the years before! 😉

Why is the attack higher? Well, here are some things to consider:

  1. 1 in 7 people on planet Earth is saved, the ratio is getting lower and lower every year. Think about that. It’s tremendous.
  2. We are selling more bibles than ever before. That’s the most printed book ever. The second most printed book is: A purpose driven life, how cool is that?
  3. More people are listening to worship music in homes, cars, iPods and at work (in my case) than ever before!
  4. China has 120 million Christians currently. China’s churches plan to send out 10 MILLION missionaries! Their goal is to sweep west from China across the 10 40 window to Jerusalem
  5. There is a flood of revival (6,000 new churches from Iris Ministries in southern africa alone!) sweeping up Africa, also with a goal of reaching Jerusalem
  6. Around the world 210,000 people come to Christ EACH DAY (accurately measured by names and addresses) and in China alone 35,000 PER DAY. Awesome! 🙂

God is flooding the world more than ever before. Sure there is still some way to go before the full number of the gentiles comes in, but let’s get excited!

The enemy seems to have a few strategies (not that I’m a researcher or anything):

  • Keep us from seeing the exciting truth
  • Keep us from seeing that we are sons and daughters of God and we are to inherit from Him as we mature on our walk
  • Keep us in low self esteem so we don’t even try, we just give up
  • Keep us from seeing that he (the enemy) exists and is in fact the core problem
  • If he can keep us satisfied, passive and entertained we won’t give money, won’t speak out and won’t stand up
  • Attack (using sex, money, intimidation, etc.) any generation that attempts to stand up and get their inheritance

I have had a vision for a while. I see many many thousands of people (maybe millions) rising up simultaneously all around the world. So many people rising up that the enemy cannot stop the uprising (he cannot be everywhere, because he has limited resources).

You can support the uprising. You can gain your inheritance which Jesus made for you. You need only discover who you are in Jesus. 😀

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