Why we must protect Godly marriage

Emily rocks the house (again)!

Just a snippet from a really good post: Why are we ashamed to want marriage? She writes:

what did Jesus define as truly loving Him? Did he say, “The one who loves Me the most is the single person who has exclusive affections for Me?

Muhahahaha. Quite often I read blog posts that almost say exactly that, that God wants us to love Him alone – as if that is possible.

Emily is right… He didn’t say that. Not at all. She goes on…

No, he said, “The person who has My commands and keeps them is the one who [really] loves Me” (John 14:21 AMP).

And what is one of His commands, the first one He gave to the first humans? It was to take on the responsibility of marriage.

This is a reference to Genesis. His actual single/only command is to love one another. But Emily is highlighting that marriage was invented before history even got started. Good point.

Emily keeps on keeping on:

We shouldn’t be ashamed about wanting marriage! We shouldn’t feel less spiritual about praying for a husband or wife for ourselves (or for other people – that’s a pretty good thing to do!), or about not feeling totally content in our singleness.

Go Emily! Later in her blog post she writes:

And thirdly, I really feel that the whole church should be involved in helping marriages happen, by teaching on the biblical truths about marriage and singleness, providing opportunities and safe environments for singles to get to know each other, training boys and girls up to be husbands & fathers and wives & mothers, and the like.

Wahoo! Yes, I think that Jesus encourages love – and the family is the bedrock of that love. Why? Bringing up healthy children ensure a healthier tomorrow for the world.

To not protect male-female-children marriage is to not protect the next generation… resulting in a further slide into degradation of humanity, love, protection, boundaries and society in general.

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