Great first day

Well… what a first day. Caught up on sleep, had some lunch and set off to Ben Yehuda Mall/Street which is a pedestrian area. What a great area.

I met a Christian (steve) who I met last year in Israel as well. One of my hopes was to meet other Christians and maybe to pray with them. Travelling alone is quite hard because it is lonely, but it means you get to meet a lot more people. Then I had dinner and after that I met Steve and his Christian friend all singing about Jeshua – it was great! They invited me to come to their bible study tomorrow (Weds) – which is exactly what I had hoped for.

After that I went back up to the road to take a picture of the Jewish group who are trying to tell the world about their “messsiah”. Some messiah. The messiah was meant to come from Bethlehem and die in Jerusalem, their messiah was born in NY and died there, never having some to Israel! While taking a picture Amy came up to me and FEARLESSLY began to speak to me about Jesus and gave me a yellow bracelet with scripture on it (which is the exact color I love and replaces my rugby bracelet in the same color that I no longer wear). What struck me was the wonderful way in which she was able to talk about Jesus.

And then the evening ended. What a great day. Mt of Olives tomorrow. Next week is devoted to dolphins in Eilat and snorkeling in the Sinai!! Woohoo!! (Unless something better comes up to delay it… but it’s going to be hard to beat dolphins!)


2 responses to “Great first day

  1. Hi “Abiding”

    Well, I guess it is weird to keep meeting the same people, but I honestly think it’s a God thing. He has an agenda for me and for these people and above all, He doesn’t like it if we’re alone an by ourselves – we’re an easy target then.

    I am *totally* soaking this all up like a sponge… and then spewing the good bits out here. Well… I hope they are good bits! hehehe. I guess every reader has to test and discern for themselves and keep the good, throw away the bad.

    Bless you!

  2. Hey Mark! Wow, I’m so surprised that you keep running into the same ppl from a previous trip. Is that normal for that area? I imagined that area to be so diverse and populated that you’d be lucky to see the same person during the week, obviously not. It gives me the feeling about the culture and maybe even the “settlement” of the ppl there.

    Enjoy! It sounds like you’ll be soaking that up like a sponge!

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