Appeal for help for flood victims in India

This (below) is an email from Michael Kongala, a missionary in India. There are many people who need help because of the floods. If you can help, please contact Paul (rma at


I am so sorry to tell this matter to you about or flood victims who are suffering here a lot at present in our area. The heavy rains water became as flood and cut the bank of the river Godavari. So here due to the heavy rains the river Godavari water was filled every where and running out as the floods with very speed. So the trees fell down and the roads were  cut off. And the telephone poles fell aside. And the current pole wires were cutoff. And the crop fields drowned in the water due to the floods. The boats are taking the people to the safety places. And due to this some fruit gardens like the Banana were spoiled. Many houses were destroyed.  And many churches who belong to us were damaged. Many people died to this flood effect. The remaining people are crying for help and food. Some of the flood victims fell in the sickness and they need the medical treatment. The people who remained with life need food, clothes and at least temporary shelter.  The old people are weeping for help due to this flood effect. And the little babies are crying for the milk. And the handicapped people are asking  to take them to the safe areas. They all lost their hope about their life and they have no peace. We have to help to such people with the love of God and with humanity as Jesus Christ told.

I am bringing this matter to your kind presence for your prayer assistance and necessary action. Kindly share this matter with your friends and fellow-Christians there and encourage them to stretch their hand to offer their kind help for the poor lives of these flood victims.

Day by day some people are facing death  due to the flood effect. Nearly up to this day 480 people died due to this flood disaster. Many of our Gods servants and believers lost their tools and clothes and food grains also and they are suffering very much and they need the immediate help for their present relief. Many of our churches were damaged due to this flood effect. These churches must be repaired.

Therefore kindly think about these flood victims and please help as much as amount is possible to you at present for the quick relief and rehabilitation of our flood victims.  After receiving your kind help I will distribute that help to the flood victims and I will take photos and I will send them to you with the paper cuttings also for your kind observation and sacrificial encouragement. Please offer with the love of God your sacrificial help for these suffering and weeping poor saints and believers of God who became the victims of the flood. If you want I can send the receipts also for your kind notice with the signatures.

We are all and the flood victims who are our co-workers and who are our believers are praying for your welfare and prosperity. Please pray for these flood victims and kindly send your sacrificial help for the quick relief of these flood victims.

We are waiting for your kind response and kind help for the relief of these flood victims.

With thanks.

Yours in Christ,
Michael kongala