Day 3 in Jerusalem

Thank God that today is not as busy as the last two days. After two UP days I need some rest. I walked around like a mad thing this morning and eventually found The Prayer Tower. Up 14 floors with LOTS of glass windows… I got MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR vertigo and went right back down. Not even prayer helped this time. hehehe.


I have been feeling mildly lonely for a while now and for the last two days God has sent someone to speak to me about choosing to love again and asking God to send my future partner. I got really badly burned in my previous marriage – right from the honeymoon on, and it never really stopped. I’m sure I wasn’t a picnic either. Far from it.

Yesterday I lifted this lonely need up to God and would you believe it… last night I met another single christian male who kinda sees the world the same as me and whose travel plans are IDENTICAL to mine. Identical to the day and the place! We have decided to travel together. God is good… all of the time eh? Prayer rocks!

But this quietly lonely internal feeling persists. It’s not good for people to be alone and I see families and children and people who are “doing life together”… and something inside me moves around. Years ago I had pretty much decided to be safe and content by myself with God… but these feelings are there and I can’t leave them behind. They are me, my feelings.

Off again…

Today I am going to the Garden Tomb now and then to the Garden of Gethsemane. Tomorrow will be the biblical zoo and Israel Museum… and then… DOLPHINS in Eilat!