A new beginning

Something happened as I slept this afternoon. In a dream I saw someone from my past. She appeared alone and she gave me a dove. I knew she was leaving.

As the day has gone on, I now know that the dove represents peace and freedom. Peace with my past and freedom from my past – the much needed healing has come now.

I have been praying for my future wife for almost 4 years now, but I have stubbornly not entered into a new relationship because I feared bringing my past with me. Now I think God is showing me that the past is ended, peace and freedom have come – and I can go forward in confidence.

It’s hard to express how much I am thankful to God for His gradual restoration of my life. Thank You so much Lord Jesus for making the way where there was no way.

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  1. Thanks Richard,

    I hope every reader takes the time to visit your blog and be blessed by your wisdom and your sharing. Your “how to find a healthy church” post is insightful.

    Bless you my brother,

  2. …… and Mark, your writing is poignant. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog — it gives me a lot of pleasure to be linked in this way.


  3. Hi Phil

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I like your blog too!

    Hi Frank

    As I read your words I felt stirred, so I think the Holy Spirit is confirming your words. I also felt mildly nervous about what this new thing is. hehehehe. Quite understandable I think! 🙂

    Thank you so much for your prayer and blessing. The bible says the prayer of a righteous man avails much – I believe that. I have visited your blog too, your writing is so good. Keep on keeping on my brother.

    Bless you,

  4. Hello,

    I am happy that you are experiencing freedom and peace from your past. I know from experience that this is one of the most joyous experiences one can have.

    For years and months I prayed to be free and when it happend for real I didn’t even notice it, but now I bask in God’s glory and give him all the praise.

    I am sure your journey in the middle east has played a mjor role in obtaining your freedom card. It is during those experiences when we are away from our normal world that God will really speak to us, heal our broken places, cleanse our spirits, and set us free. I know this is only the beginning of your new spiritiual journey. A I sit here typing I feel new thing being birthed into you spirit. As log as you continue to be obedient she will be coming sooner than you think. You are about to soar to new heights with God. My brother I will be praying your strength as God continues to elevate you and draw you closer to him. Be blessed and stay strong.

    before I go i want to say a prayer:

    Lord please continue to cover my fellow christian solider as he continues to walk bodly and humbly in you name. Guide him footsteps so that wherever you lead him he will be able to transform the region and the atmosphere. I know you are willing and able to do all things, so Lord I ask that you continue to comfort and encourage my brother as he stay on the battelfield never fainting regardless of how things may look. Lord be his protecteor, fortress, and strongtower against all the winds that blow his way. Lord enlarge his territory so that he may live a life that is pleasing in your sight. In Jesus’ name Amen.

  5. Hi Rodd

    Now that is a very encouraging word for me. My ex didn’t die, but back then it may as well have been a death, it was the most painful experience ever and I didn’t want to ever go through anything like it again. But God got 4 or 5 people to tell me He has someone for me and I’d have to pray for her for about 5 years. So many people said the same thing… so… heh. Bring on the FABULOUSLY memorable Jazz festival!!!!

    The toughest thing will be for God to ensure that I know she is the ONE. He will have to bring out the brickbat I think, because I’ve been alone so long.

    Bless you!

  6. Mark,

    Thanks for being so open and honest online, it’s really encouraging.

    I too had a similar experience more than 11 years ago – my girlfriend died very suddenly and unexpectedly. I remember thinking “God knows I don’t want to be alone, but how is it possible that there could be someone else?”. Then God brought me to the point of simply being prepared to accept that He knows what He’s doing. The next minute there’s this beautiful and amazing woman looking at me from a crowd at a jazz gig – wow. God has such a bigger plan for us than we could possibly comprehend.

  7. Hi Abiding (“R”)

    Yes it has been a painful process to go through, but as that father said to me, it has made me compassionate. But certainly I feel like I am entering into the best time of my life. Hallelujah.

    Hi Gail

    Thanks so much for offering to pray with me. I will be very happy and satisfied which whomever He chooses. My only concern is to be unhappy or unequally yoked. That would be a disaster.

    Hi Eliz

    He is the Man, of that there is no doubt. He can bring healing to all of us, but we have to be patient, He uses the healing and the pain to SHAPE us… and shaping can take a while. This is why we should not tell new Christians that He will fix them in a moment… because He might not. He can, but He might choose to shape them… if they will let Him.

    I did and I am astonished at how long it took, I wouldn’t choose to go through it again, but I am glad at the outcome.

    Hallelujah! Jesus is Lord!!

    Bless you guys foir caring,

  8. Praise God!!

    Rejoice with you too on the healing that God has brought to your life.

    Bless you!

  9. Praise you Lord Jesus for the healing and restoration that You have been doing in Mark’s life.

    Mark, I will pray with you for your wife to be and be praying that she is waiting and preparing herself to commit herself to a man who will honour, protect, nurture, and cherish her. May she be prepared to honour, value, respect and uphold you.Love Gail.

  10. Hey Mark! I just wanted to join you in celebrating your freedom from your past and being ready and able to embrace your future endeavors.

    I admire your bravery to post what you do. It sounds like some real painful cleansing type stuff, but I know the Comforter is with you.

    May He wrap you in His Wings tonight.


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