Day 9 – Is it illegal to have TOO much fun?

I think it’s day 9. Maybe 10. I dunno. As the day goes by I care less and less. hehehe.

It’s SO hot here, but it’s not humid. Yum. The whole foreshore is full of cheap places to eat and fresh juice costs A$1.20 and a monster platter for two of fish, calamari and so much bedouin stuff before and after the meal (like watermelon) is only A$20 or something.

Deck chairs abound for free and when your butt gets sore from sitting, just hop into the sea and snorkel around the coral reef for an hour or two. Bored with snorkelling? There is always the option of sitting in a deck chair and drinking iced coffees or A$4 pizzas!

fish.jpgToday I snorkelled until my back tingled from the sun (despite TWO applications of sun protection) and the people who looked at it have a look of shock and wince. hehehe. No, not really. But it is tingling and it is very pink. The fishes here are every color and the coral is lovely (but not as nice as the Great Barrier Reef in Aussie, nya nya nya etc.) However, Ras Mohammed national park might just challenge it.

Had I not lost my camera I would take a pic of a sign on the beach that says “no camels” and post it here. muhahahahah. This is the real deal!

2 responses to “Day 9 – Is it illegal to have TOO much fun?

  1. You won’t want to return to Oz with all those indulgences at such an inexpensive rate. We were at the Barrier Reef last year and had such fun snorkelling.
    Enjoy,blessings abundant to you and stay safe.
    Love Gail

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