Day 10 – Feeling hot hot hot!

Do you know that song? Hot hot hot. It’s SO hot here (wth no wind) that the local bedouin people are complaining. WOOOOAH, I just checked the actual temperature. 47 degrees celsius in the day! 24 degrees at night!

snorkel-fish.jpgWell… after only 1 day of snorkelling, everyone who looks at my back uses swear words, so it seems like I won’t be back in the sun for a day (or two if I am sensible). Sigh. Apparently I look like a lobster. I tried two different kind of “after sun” cream which didn’t even make an impact… I had to go buy cream for “burns” to get some relief.So… I guess it’s back to tuna salads in pita breads with fresh fruit juice, while watching the turqoise blue waters?

So I began to read my bible and that helped me feel more connected to God… He seemed to slip away last night and I felt really exposed and vulnerablec – but He was back in the morning. Maybe He just walked to the other side of the table… He was never actually “gone”.

Even though you might think this time is “too easy” it’s weirdly stretching me in ways I don’t “get” about myself. I still have to do “self talk” to keep in balance.