Day 12 – Resumption of snorkelling duties

You know that moment when you’re on holiday and you feel like you’re ready to go back to work? No? Me neither. heheheheh.

But seriously, I’ve done a LOT of work (research, reading, strategy, organisation) via the internet while I’ve had this pre-suntan (aka sunburn). Maybe that was His plan, I dunno.

car.jpgToday I snorkelled the blue hole just north of Dahab in the morning with the dutch divers at the place I am staying.

To get there we drive along the beach and you get to see all these bedouins and camels – it’s SO GREAT.

Here’s a tip about getting to the blue hole – go early. We left to go there at the crack of dawn (yes… 8:30am) and no one else was around. By 9:30 the hole was filling up with snorkellers. Gah. Can’t avoid them! Sheesh!


The blue hole is just that, a big wide dark blue hole and a “saddle” that you can swim over to get into the sea.

There was poor visibility because of the wind and the coral is not all that great – except at the saddle, there over the saddle it was really really lovely.

Apparently the are only 3 blue holes in the world. It’s very deep and the divers go down a “tube” and then come out of a hole to the side and then swim back in the open waters to the saddle, go over the saddle into the blue hole and then get out. 20-30 mins maximum.

dead.jpgThis is a picture of the plaques memorializing the deaths of the many people who die in the tube because they don’t take enough oxygen and the region is EXTREMELY deep, so the guys from Tek-Tribe get called in to fetch the bodies. (Tek-Tribe guys go deeeeep and use re-breathers and weird gasses and… stuff. heh.)