This is my passion too

I frequently visit the Iris Ministries blog:

… in the States, suddenly far removed from the mud huts and poverty of Africa where I just was. And again I see how separated the “haves” are from the “have-nots” in this country. The tension between these groups fuel most of the conflicts in the world today, and is one of the main challenges of missions and the work of God on the earth.

But we are not just after redressing material imbalance. We are not even simply after church growth and increased wealth.

We are after an indefinable something called “revival,” lots of it, in greater and greater power, that sets on fire and makes alive every aspect of our being.

We are after a revelation of Jesus Christ that undoes what the devil has done, unleashing a glory that puts us in continual awe of a sovereign God who does not lack for initiative and is not bound by the limitations of our understanding and vision. He is not waiting for us to set Him free to work by supplying our permission, requests and ideas, but He graciously infuses us with His vision and passion until His own workmanship in us is a thrill to Him!

Oh boy. That is my heart as well. Right there. For sure. I can’t handle it when the church belittles God by imagining He needs our permission to do something. Non one prayed for the flood! God simply did it. But God does want to partner with us. Oh yes!

Knowing His sovereignty, and in the healthy fear of the Lord, we take nothing for granted. We are not passive, but in confidence that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is sufficient in every situation, we run the race to win with fiery zeal. Using all the faith and strength we have so far, we pursue not success with corporate management in missions, but the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.

We pursue an irresistible power that comes only with lowliness, patience, kindness and a love that does not fail. We pursue a presence and atmosphere where intimacy kisses purity, the radical outcome of faith in the power of the Cross. We pursue perfection in Jesus that results in a joy that no one and nothing in this world can diminish.

But I really love this next sentence…

In Africa we are not trying to prop up and sustain a revival however we can; we are trying keep up with the Holy Spirit who is racing ahead of us, igniting hunger like wildfire in country after country.

All I can say is “Hurry Lord, fix me and get everything into it’s right place (including me!), because I want to go and work with You. And yet… thank You so much so helping me now and repairing me now and for NOT letting me run ahead. You’re the ONLY good God, my Abba.”

Rolland continues later in his blog post…

Who will run with us? Who will catch the fire and burn with undying passion and joy? Who has been hopelessly captured by the Holy Spirit’s advances and cannot resist throwing their lives away on Jesus? Where are His fools? His friends? Who will see the world as He sees it, and respond as He responds, becoming one spirit with Him? Who has caught the fire and cannot stop burning?

Urgent, hungry cries for spiritual help come to us daily — lately from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda… And from across Europe…

We are weak, often tired, and not excited by more and more administration alone. But we are energized by a vision of unending revival based solidly on the Gospel once and for all delivered to the saints.

This next sentence is SO CRUCIAL. It’s not about secrets, not a new “gnostism” (not a “hidden knowledge” as I see emerging in some teaching) no it’s just the power of the gospel… that Jesus *IS* Lord!!!

We are sustained not by “secrets” we have learned, but by childlike, joyful simplicity in embracing the grace of God revealed in Jesus for all to see.

Let us know if you want to help — in the Lord! We are unspeakably grateful to those who are already helping and deeply involved with us. We now look after 4,500 orphaned children — thank you for caring about the poor.

Read more in the post: Catching the Fire

Through their movement, which started when Heidi literally sat on a street kurb and gave away her last money to the poor (as the bible says to do) and said to God “now what Lord?!” and He swept her along from there… through their movement more than 6000 churches have been created.

To join in this movement burns in me and I feel like a restrained horse, champing at the bit to run with the Holy Spirit. But this time now is where I learn His ways, His heart, His voice… and to run out ahead would waste so much time and effort.

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