Very expensive – even more than Jerusalem is.

Swimming with dolphins – it’s a must. Snorkelling… those days are long gone. Hot hot hot! Lots of walking to and from the fabulous Shelter Hostel (Christians!). Great long beachfront to walk long with loads of stalls to buy knicknacks and fresh juices from. Shwarmas! Have the iced coffee here, it’s the dead-set best iced coffee anywhere in the world. Go to Papaya’s for dinner and sunsets.

It’s weird standing on a beach in Eilat and looking left at the Jordan, look to the far left at Saudi Arabia and look to the right at Egypt (Sinai).

Did you know that nargela (the thing they smoke) is SO popular that they have a national song for it? It goes something like this: “have-a-nargela, have-a-nargela”. The words are here. (Yes… I know, I was just kidding!)

A real Freemasonry problem in the air – with Freemasonry symbols at the city centre and entrances to the city.