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Michael Frost is the Founding Director of the Centre for Evangelism and Global Mission (CEGM) at Morling College in Sydney, Australia. He is the author of numerous books, and a leading missional thinker. His most recent book is Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture.

Michael Frost Interview Part 1

Michael Frost Interview Part 2

It’s comments like this that I like

John Smulo:

Mike, you quoted Keith Miller who said, “Our modern church is filled with many people who look pure, sound pure, and are inwardly sick of themselves, their weaknesses, their frustration and the lack of reality around them in the church. Our non-Christian friends feel either “that a bunch of nice untroubled people would never understand my problems”; or the more perceptive pagans who know us socially or professionally feel that we Christians are either grossly protected and ignorant about the human situation or are out-and-out hypocrites who will not confess the sins and weaknesses (they know intuitively) to be universal.”

This quote cuts deep, but the alternative is painful and difficult and there aren’t shortcuts. How do you suggest we take our pretend masks off and be ourselves around each other?

Michael Frost:

Mmmm, well you’ve kinda answered this yourself, and you’re right – it’s painful, difficult and time-consuming. So was the Incarnation. Jesus came to us to reconcile us to God. It was painful, difficult and time consuming for him, so why should we imagine it being any different for us? It will involve eating with others, sharing life, spending a lot of time together, and undertaking joint projects that bring out both the best and the worst in us. Living with people (both Christian and not-yet-Christian) like this will naturally, sooner or later, bring to the surface issues, problems and weaknesses that require us to be vulnerable and honest. Our problem is that nearly all our interactions with others take place when we have some measure of control over the situation. Frequency of contact and a shared commitment to a challenge will shed light on the real issues quickly enough.

I heartily recommend SmuloSpace… by John Smulo.

5 responses to “Good reads

  1. Hi John S

    Thanks for your great blog. Keep on keeping on.

    Hi Kimmer

    Thanks for the link love, I appreciate it. I remember posting on your blog way back when. When I get back from my boat thingy, I look forward to reading your blog posts “Trusting in the Lord part 1/2/3 of 3”.

    Hi John G

    Mate, what good and honest insights. God is doing things in your life my friend. I’m looking forward to reading your won blog someday.

    Bless you guys,

  2. Hi Mark,

    A few things sprang to mind as I read your blogg. One was that I know many non christians and some christians hurting christians looking at christianity and see people who either dont relate or are not being real when it comes to pain in the world. Interestingly when christians are honest non christians/hurting christians respond really well, they see that there people out there who relate. The trouble is that we (the church as a whole) seem to have some answers but fall well short of what we see in ACTS.

    The second thing that sprung to mind was that I look at my life and say there are many times I wonder where was god but then there are times when I see god (particularly in the last couple of years) is truely there and I receive revelation, or am able to pray and minsiter to another individual, or I receive healing and I am like this is awesome. The good thing (on personal note) Is I now feel like I have a greater sense of purpose and I am aware that christians have something special to offer the world (but we dont see to totally be aware of what we have in christ, we have not fully grasped who we are taken hold of it and embraced it).

    When I think of what lacking in christianity two things come to mind love for one another and real power (healing power, the power to see lives changes, to see major strong holds fall, to see miracles). I know some of this stuff happens but it falls short of what I believe is possible in christ.

  3. Hi Mark!
    we have a mutual friend Gail who told me it was 2006 blogger day and that we were to say hello and post on 5 blogs we’ve not posted on before… so here I am to say Hello! I’ve run across you on Gail’s blog a few times; actually I do think you posted on my blog once a while back (but it has been a long time ago so I figured saying hello to you again could count as one-heehee) anyway –
    blessings to you!
    Kimmer 🙂

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