Full contact Christianity

So many gifted Christians are wavering between two influences in their life. They pray for me but both good and evil spiritual forces flow from them. Two streams from one fountain. The wavering happens because they are not cleaned up. I have struggled with this terribly in my life – no one is immune.

I prayed for two people at church yesterday who are going through the same thing. I probably saw it in 5 yesterday alone. If I had the time and inclination I could list about 30 people I know who are going through this. I see it in SO MANY bloggers.
When I was struggling so much, I cried out to God for a quick exit, but He made it clear that if I took a shortcut out, I would not be able to teach others how to get out of the same predicament. I had to seek Him and read the bible to find the solution. He gave me a hint, He said: “when you know what Jesus did for you, you will be free”. He was right (of course). I have got clean and I have blogged about how you can get clean: New Covenant

It’s a sifting. God is sifting His kids. A time of testing. He has given out enormous gifts… I look around the church and I see a veritable WARRIOR NATION, but in order to choose who goes to fights (many are called, few are chosen). To choose, He sifts us.

There are some solutions to this:

  • Believe what He has said in the bible, if He said He is the Creator, believe it. If He said He has all authority, believe it. If He said that He has cancelled all the debt against us and nailed it to His cross – BELIEVE it.
  • Read the bible until you understand His character, that makes it easier to know what is “of Him”
  • Understand what Jesus did for you and get into it!

Or, you can hide away in the corner and ignore the whole issue. 🙂

4 responses to “Full contact Christianity

  1. I think so too. In the analogy I think about karate or something. Most karate (not that I’d do it or encourage it) is non-contact. No hitting. No throats or groins.

    If we go for God, it’s full contact fighting. EXCEPT… we have this one huge enormous advantage… our Abba sets the rules and places the limits. hehehe.

  2. Full Contact Christianity? HA! Thats exactly it! There’s no play-scrimmages or two handed/touch football going on anywhere in the atmosphere…

    Great Analogy. Its highly accurate and appropriate in all accounts.

  3. Hi Dan

    Mmmm… I am not convinced we can have WHATSOEVER *we* say.

    We can have anything *He* promises us and no matter how impossible the promise *He* makes… He is more than able to do anything He says.

    Yes! Keep our eyes on Him.

    Bless you,

  4. Wow!! I could not agree with you more! What I have been learning lately is what you just said above. Jesus meant what he said. We are blessed and can have whatsoever we say! The real key is we do have to believe, no matter what it looks like. Also, he has shown me lately that he is the one & only God and we put way to much attention on what the Devil might be doing. My heavenly father says were blessed and that we will be taken care of. We have got to stay focused on Jesus!

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