Look after *you*

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Loving yourself is important. Look after you, then you can look after others. Too many marriages in churches break up because the person didn’t respect themselves and therefore couldn’t love their partner.

J – Love Jesus
O – Love others
Y – Love yourself

Cute huh?

5 responses to “Look after *you*

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  3. Hi Bill

    This is FABULOUS! Wow, these are the moments we all enjoy, it’s so rewarding. Jesus is Lord.

    What matters now is that He actually changes her life, that’s it’s not just emotion and excitement, but real change. You can help her walk through this. How WONDERFUL. Just think, Jesus CHOSE YOU BILL to do this. He brought her to you. Not to anyone else. What a compliment for you. And richly deserved if I say so myself.

    Hi John

    Good on you mate. John 10:10 He came to give us life abundantly.

    Bless you guys,

  4. Mark,

    I recently spent some time with a young lady whose life is in shambles. She had never really know how much God loved her before meeting her neighbor who told her about Jesus. When I told her that the Bible is an unfolding story of God’s work to save those who have turned away from Him, she was amazed. When I told her that the gospel tells how God wants to enfold her in His story she was utterly astounded.
    “Me?” she asked.
    “Yes, you and there is no telling who God will use you to share His story with,” was my reply.
    She was in shock. Tears welled up in her eyes.
    She then said, “I want to know more about this story.”
    My heart was bursting with this report. I just had to share it with someone!

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