Love others as you love yourself

Take a look at the image below. The jug is you and the cup that you are pouring love into is the other person.

Now what would happen if the jug (you) is empty of love? Would you have anything to offer to other people? No, unfortunately if you do not love yourself, you cannot love them. This is the sad truth behind so many divorces, the people tried to love their partner without loving themselves. It can never work, because the bible says you must love other people AS you love yourself.

If you are the jug (below) and you have love for yourself (boundaries, self respect, identity etc.) then you will have a lot to give to the people around you.

6 responses to “Love others as you love yourself

  1. Hi Bassplayer

    Keep on keeping on my brother. Any time spent working on yourself is time very well spent because it benefits the people around you. Just keep on keeping on.

    Bless you,

  2. Again, a good post. That’s a big part of the work I’m doing, learning to love myself. My counselor has me repeating affirmation for myself daily.

  3. Hi jel

    Thanks for visiting, I went over to your site. Great site mate. Peaceful.

    Hi John

    Sounds like it’s been a tough ride. I’ve also been a Christian for 20++ years and it’s been tough for me too. But I’ve found the way out and that’s what I keep writing here about. I want others to come out too.

    I prayed for you and your wife in my other reply to your comment

    I will pray for you and your wife in my own time during my day. Once we “grasp this truth” as you put it so well… things will change.

    Hi Bill

    Thanks again for your encouragement. I hope that S11 passed by with not too many hurtful memories for you. That was an eventful day for you. 😉

    Bless you guys,

  4. Mark
    I’ve been a Christian for over 20 years and am just learning this truth. I’ve also been married for 28 years, and there have been some really stormy years in there just simply because neither my wife nor I had grasped this truth. Please pray that we can put this into action within our marriage. Excellent stuff, Mark.

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