Away most of next week

I will be at the Crosslink Gathering 2006 next week so I won’t be blogging much, if at all.

What’s Crosslink? It’s run by the pastor of the Grace church I go to. I’ll write about Crosslink some other time, for now let me say… it’s an un-denomination and it’s growing really quickly – and for good reason. The Crosslink “Gathering” is an un-conference because it’s more relational than a “normal” conference. Crosslink is the ideal emergent structure because it’s so highly relational IMHO, but (as I said) I’ll write more on that some other time.

While I’m away, if you’re looking for some great blogs to keep you busy, I have a wide variety of links down the left of this blog.

Here are some places you might not have visited recently:

  • Boundless Blog – Well known, with great marriage/dating type blogs
  • Pastors Blog – He is describing some of the great psalms
  • Ministry Toolbox – Valuable lessons that would otherwise take YEARS to learn the hard way
  • Missionary Blog Watch – Praise God for these people, let’s support them by posting encouraging comments! (Losing track of all your comments – I know I am!? Check out CoComment)

And these guys are on a bit of a roll:

  • SmuloSpace – John keeps on stimulating my mind
  • SPIRITUAL OASIS – Bill’s writing has stepped up a notch recently (from great to fantastic)
  • beauangels world – Kathy writes in a very natural conversational style as she works her way through her Christian life

Me? I am planning on fasting for some time to get:

  • some directional clarity,
  • more much needed emotional healing, and
  • spiritual breakthrough

so if you’d spare a prayer for me, I’d greatly appreciate that.
Keep well and enjoy! Cya later in the week.

2 responses to “Away most of next week

  1. Mark,

    Wish I could be at the Crosslink Gathering! It sounds fantastic! I was able to attend the emergent convention in Nashville, Tennessee, almost two years ago. It was one of the best “big events” that I’ve ever attended.

    Thanks for your kind words, also. Your encouragement is so deeply appreciated. Your advise is also much appreciated, as well.

    My day started with word that one of my long-time ministry friends had a heart attack and died on Thursday. His was a bright shining light that will be missed by many. His wife has been fighting cancer for a couple of years, but it was thought to be in remission. Earlier this week, she received word that the cancer had returned. I tell you this not to burden you but because I have the sense that you have a special link to God and would like to ask you to especially remember Chris’ widow, Maxine, and the surviving children, Jennifer and Parker.

    My schedule has been very full during the last few days, but I do believe I’ll have time to stop by and look at those posts you told me about.

    Oh, one other thing: I’m glad to see that you found beauangels world. I’ve never met Kathy face-to-face, but have found her to be one of the clearest thinking people I’ve come across in blogland.

    God bless you, dear brother!

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