All I want for Christmas is: 3 way air hockey!

I mentioned already that in my new home I was given a pool table. Which is schweeet. And I’m going to get two other guys in with me. Now I’ve seen this puppy and I want it.


I’m dreaming of a real guys house, you know? If I’m to be remarried in a year or so, then this is my last chance! Right? Huh?

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  1. hey guys i am a year 12 student and i take the subject of design tech. I am going to build this as my final assesment, can you please put up the dimensions of this and i will put photos up of my final project thanks.

    • Hi Scotty

      You rock man! What a cool project. I don’t know what the dimension were, I found this item on eBay. I definitely want to see the pictures of it, maybe make a series showing how you did it and post it all as a blog… and link to it from my blog for sure! I hope you sell a ton of them (do I get commission?) 🙂

      God bless yo, Mark.

      • haha cheers man il send you pictures, its nearly done its taken a while. i am however stuck on how wide to make the goals for the puck to go into, do you know how wide goals are?

        • Beam me up into this Scotty!!!

          Dude I have no idea. Make it change-able… then people can customise it to their tastes. Wider is better I think, because the puck is coming from an angle, not from directly in front. You could have a great new business on your hands!

  2. Can you tell me where you get the 3 way air hockey tables in California, perferrably near Los Angeles?


  3. Foosball! That’s my game. Here’s a link to the table of my dreams:

    Good news! Not too long ago I reached an important life-goal. My wife acknowledged my faithfulness to the task with the gift of my own, very own, foosball table. Next time you’re in Delaware, you’ll hafta’ stop by so we can kick the ball around on my Tornado Cyclone II!

    BTW, I loved the inflatable church pics. Well, they were interesting. One of our major objectives in developing church life in my home church is to literally think outside of the box. We recently disbanded one of our worship gatherings in which we were coming together to talk about church in favor of expanding our off campus efforts to go out and be church. It’s working too!

    Blessings to you, my friend!

  4. Hey John, when I’ve got the hockey and 3-way air hockey going on… you’re MOST welcome to come visit. You bet! And you too Abiding! 🙂

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